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Maintenance Oriental rugs

Genuine rugs will not last forever, but with proper care, they can be handed down through many generations.
Connoisseurs say that they age and fade with grace.

Keep your rug clean and free of dust and dirt. Vacuum it carefully in the direction of the pile. Never clean with Chemicals.

Stains can be removed by spinkling carbonic acidwater dabbing it with a folded cloth, powdering it with grains of salt an then removing it with a vacuum cleaner.

Regular maintenance by vacuum cleaning and rug beating is recomended. A good advice is to place the rug outside in the wintertime to cool in a few hours, and then place it flat with the pile in new fallen snow, avoiding the pile to become wet. Beat the rug and the snow will remove the dirt. This method helps preserving the natural moistness and the depth in the color.

Avoid getting the rug wet – take care when washing floor.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for long periods – this can cause uneven fading. The colors will fade over time, but should be allowed to do so uniformly all over the rug.

Pay special attention to the fringes and edges. These are the areas that are most exposed to Wear, but can be repaired if necessary.

If it is to be placed on a slippery floor, we recommend an underlay that can be cut to the dimensions of the rug.

We recommend turning the rug around at least twice a year to avoid uneven Wear, and to place a soft substance – such as felt – under the feet of heavy furniture if placed on the rug.