How it started

Rezas´ story is a tale about 30 years of experience finding hidden treasures around the world and making sure that these gems live on in our homes for years to come. Rezas Oriental & Modern Rugs was founded in 1991 under modest conditions: "A boxroom as a warehouse, a rented van and Reza at the wheel. However, things went fast: On the second customer visit I got a great order – it was on the amount of 7.516,00€ – that was what I expected to sell the whole month! Just a few years later, we got our breakthrough and since then we have only been moving forward. The department store Magasin, was let down by their supplier. In less than 24 hours, we procured rugs of such high quality that a co-operation with Magasin and other of Europe’s largest department stores was set." (Reza Rejaye - Founder)

Us today

Over the last 30 years, we have become Northern Europe’s largest importer of oriental rugs. The market has changed a lot and so has the consumers buying behavior. We now have an exclusive and attractive assortment of high-quality modern rugs together with our oriental collections. 
We proudly stand by the quality of our products. Each of our rugs starts its life as wool or viscose that is spun into rich, colorful yarns used by the expert rug knotters. Then the beautiful yarns are knotted into stunning rugs of high quality. Our rugs are testimonies of lived lives, old traditions, still as relevant as they were thousands of years ago, respect for our surroundings and the use of material used to become a Rezas rug.

In cooperation with our customers, both big chains, wholesalers as well as small specialist shops, we do our best to improve. Trust and quality are our keywords. Trust in our suppliers and competent employees. High quality and a convincing sense for market trends are the main reasons why we are a preferred partner. We are looking forward to adding new chapters to our history in cooperation with customers, suppliers and employees all over the world.

Our showroom

At our showroom in Odense, we always have between 50.000 and 100.000 rugs to choose from. As a professional customer, you are always welcome to visit us and choose your own unique rugs. Besides a large range of oriental rugs, we also have a large attractive collection of modern rugs, both hand-knotted and hand-woven. Rugs which are designed to fit trends and colors of the day, with emphasis on the Scandinavian style. We emphasize competent service and offer exclusive solutions for each customer within both sales, logistics and products. Browse through and get inspired at rezasrugs.com.

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