Arc de Sant

The Arc de Sant collection features gradient designs that add a sense of excitement and drama. A combination of wool and viscose creates a soft, robust rug with an elegant shine that is velvet-like and luxurious to touch. Arc de Sant are quietly courageous in the expression and bring life to any space.

Coloured by nature

The natural pigments that colour our rugs come from a wide range of sources from roots and leaves to flowers, insects and more. These natural pigments can be created from inexpensive sources - like deep blacks made from charred wood. Some are more expensive due to the value of the raw material and the process it takes to produce the pigment. The colours are made according to the traditional recipes that have been used for hundreds of years. These recipes have been perfected and handed down over countless generations, giving our rugs bright, vibrant colours that can’t be found anywhere else.

The choice of colours in Rezas’ collections ranges from the cool, neutral Scandinavian tones to the bold, clear colours found throughout the color spectrum. Natural pigments are not only more colourful, they are also more environmentally-friendly as they don’t use any harsh chemicals or solvents. The colours are brighter, deeper and last longer than comparable synthetics.