Rezas Vintage Rug has a story to tell you

Rezas’ vintage rugs are hand-picked from locally-sourced rugs based on their unique characteristics and then upcycled to give them their exclusive look. This means that every rug has its own attitude, personality, expression and is totally one-of-a-kind. They are filled with tradition and stories left untold.

Our vintage rugs are up to 100 years old and come from private collections. These high-quality, family heirlooms are sourced at local markets and bazaars and then lovingly brought back to life using our restoration techniques.

Every Rezas vintage rug goes through a vigorous three-step restoration and upcycling process to bring them back to their former beauty – or to give them a new dimension of shape or colour.

  • Vintage royal close up

  • Vintage Royal rug in livingroom

  • Vintage royal close up

Style meets sustainability

After the rugs have been sourced, they are brought to our local production facility where they are cut to size, stonewashed, and dried in the sun to delicately restore the original pattern.

The top layer of the rug is removed giving them a perfect worn vintage effect that complements the natural hues of the carpet. If the rugs are dyed, we use plant dyes made by our skilled dyeing experts according to traditional colour recipes. The dyeing process is exciting and unpredictable. No one knows how the finished dye will turn out. That’s another part of what makes each vintage rug so unique.

  • Rug production dying process

  • Rug production drying process

  • Rug production washing process

Vintage royal rug in a livingroom
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Vintage Royal Fine

Vintage Royals are antique hand-knotted rugs of Persian origin. This Vintage Royal Collection consists of a whole rug that has been stonewashed and recoloured in light, dark, or bright colours, with the old pattern just being visible.
The rugs are of a very high quality and are available in large sizes. With the Vintage Royal Collection, you do not just get a rug; you adorn your home with a unique piece of antique, Persian handcraft.

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