The Nordic collection

At Rezas, we never sit still. We’re always looking for new and interesting weaving and knotting techniques that allow for cutting-edge designs. Even though rug making is a tradition that dates back thousands of years, there are almost always new developments appearing that are pushing the limits of what is possible.

The production time of a rug is normally between three and twelve months. This means that there are always collections in development, sometimes years before they are made available for sale. The new Nordic Nature, Flair and Touch collections are three examples of rugs that have been in development for many months or even years before making it into our assortment.

Nordic Flair

The Nordic Flair collection is woven from the same high-quality wool as our other rugs. The modern expression with long tassels is quickly becoming a popular design element in many interiors. The unique texture is created by slowly weaving the rug using an innovative technique.

Nordic Nature

The Nordic Nature collection is easily identified by the long, sophisticated tassels and rough expression made possible by the wool and jute blend. A beautiful and durable rug that works in almost any space.