Panorama Uni

The Panorama collection is inspired by Scandinavian design traditions. The rugs are made from 100 % pure new wool, which provides a classic and hard-wearing surface with a bright and attractive look that gives warmth and softness to any interior.

The Panorama process

Each rug from the Panorama collection passes through 15 steps before it leaves the factory. This ensures that every rug is of the highest quality and meets the strict standards that it must meet to carry the Rezas name.

The first step is the yarn purchasing. Here, the fibres, strength and colour are tested for quality. The next steps are dyeing and yarn opening. These steps give the yarn its colour through the Gabeh process and prepare it for weaving. The yarns are woven on a loom with three iron pipes. Two for cotton and one for wool. Once the rug is woven, it goes through a rigorous inspection process where it is checked for design, colour, quality, pick per inch, size and more.

After the check, the rug is sent to the first repair. Here, the broken yarns are corrected and fixed before it is sent to binding. Edge binding is the process of cutting the rug into the required sizes and finishing the ends. The rug is then sent to the final stretching process. Steel nails are placed around the rug to hold it in place while it is dried in the sun. Then a final four-step check is performed before the Panorama rug is packaged and sent to our warehouse.