The Rose Kelim collection is very special and totally one-of-a-kind. We find these 40 - 70-year-old rugs and then carefully restore them to their former beauty. Each one has a unique look and years of history that they are ready to bring into your home. 

             Moldovan Rugs Woven by Local Women

Moldovan floral rugs are among the most well-known of the floral rugs. They feature flowers of all colours: lilies, tulips, geraniums and roses. Lots and lots of roses. The characteristic black background brings the colours of the flowers to the forefront. We search for these rugs around Moldova. They are found and then carefully restored to their former glory using techniques that respect the original craftwork traditions while protecting the bright colours and intricate designs.Restoring the rugs lets them live on to bring new life to homes everywhere. Each one is unique and has its own unique story. They may have been woven for a special occasion, for a loved one or for something entirely different. And they may have spent the majority of their lives in a cosy living room, a quiet library or a warm, laughter-filled dining room. 

                    The Tradition behind Rose Kelim

                            Rezas Kelim Collection