Maintenance viscose rugs 

Viscose rugs are nice rugs with a fantastic shine and nice clean look. You cannot find that nice look in other qualities like wool or synthetic fiber rugs. Opposite to other kind of rugs, the fibers are more fragile and require specific care to keep them clean.
If you follow the techniques correctly you can have a nice rug for many years. Like in other nature products we can never give a guarantee that every stain or spill can come of again, because every accident is individual like every handmade viscose rug.

Run your hand along the rug to get the direction of the nap.
The nap or pile is the natural direction that the rug's fibers run. Running your hand across the surface of the rug will give you an indication to how the rug's fibers lay. Agitating the rug against the pile can loosen the rug's fibers and distort your rug.

Push a carpet sweeper in the direction of the nap.
High power vacuum cleaners and vacuums with beater brushes can damage the fibers in a viscose rug. Instead, use a non-electrical rug or carpet sweeper and run it along the direction of the rug's nap or pile. This should lift any remaining crumbs or dirt stuck in the rug.

Sweep the fringes with a broom.
Do not go over the fringes on the rug with a carpet sweeper or vacuum because you could detach the fringes from the rug. Instead, use a broom or brush and brush the dirt and debris from out of the fringes. Use a dustpan to collect and dispose of the leftover dust.

Do not use detergents because they can stain and alter the color in your rug.
Spot clean with white vinegar, water, and dish soap. Cleaning spills as soon as they happen will cut down on the size and severity of the stain. For especially tough stains, try spot cleaning the area with a mixture of water, white vinegar, and mild dish soap. Use the rag with the bubbles on it to wipe down the stain then immediately remove the solution with a clean, damp rag. Do not oversaturate the rag in the solution or you may damage your rug.

Use a mild dish soap to clean spills.
Test the dish soap on a small part of the rug before using it. If you notice discoloration or staining, don't use it. If there is a larger area that you need to clean, mild dish soap and water is a good solution. Saturate a rag with cold water and a drop of pH neutral dish soap, then rub the rag in the direction of the nap. When you're done, blot over the area with a dry rag until it's dry.

If any of these advices don’t help, you must contact your local professional carpet cleaning company and let them help you. In Denmark we have cooperation with a professional Carpet cleaning company, contact us on info@reza.dk for advice.