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Tekkeh Kelim

Tekkeh KelimItem no.: 1424361 Size: 82 cm x 304 cm
Tekkeh Kelims are produced from older Persian Kelims that have been cut into smaller pieces, sewn together, and given a back cover. Tekkeh means piece, so Tekkeh Kelim means a patchwork rug where many pieces have been sewn together. Tekkeh Kelims are available in many sizes and have thoroughly unique patterns. The rugs are produced from 20-50 year old Kelims. Kelim rugs are hand woven rugs that are made using a special weaving technique, giving the rugs a thinner, felt-like quality. Tekkeh Kelim is produced of older Persian kelim, cut into smaller pieces, sown together and with a backside applied. Tekkeh is the Persian name for pieces, and Tekkeh kelim is an expression for a patchwork rug, where several pieces are sown together. Tekkeh Kelim is available in many sizes and all pieces has unique patterns. used a special weaving technique, that gives the rug a thinner and felt like quality.
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Product specification

  • Origin:Persia
  • Condition:In very good condition
  • Pile:Wool
  • Age:20-50 years old
  • Design:Modern (Rug/Kelim)
  • Warp:Cotton
  • Manufacturing:Woven by hand
  • Format:Rectangular
  • Square meter:2.49
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size:82 cm x 304 cm