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Moud Garden

Moud GardenItem no.: 1433663 Size: 150 cm x 198 cm

Moud is a small town south of Mashad, in the Khorrasan Province. Rugs from this area are characterised by homogeneity in patterns and quality. They always have a Mahi or Herati pattern base on a cream coloured background, sometimes with a round medallion and corners. The most common colours are ivory, blue, and brown. The warp and weft are cotton and the pile is wool. The trimmings are a version of the traditional Persian turtle trimming. The rugs are produced in all sizes. Moud rugs are often copied in India, because of their remarkable homogeneity. The characteristic Moud designs are among the most uniform, evenly knotted, and easily recognisable designs of the Khorrasan Province. The Moud Garden pattern, known from Bakhtiary designs, illustrates a stylised garden seen from above. 

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Product specification

  • Origin:Persia
  • Condition:In very good condition
  • Knot density:250-350.000 knots per sqm.
  • Pile:Wool/silk
  • Age:0-20 years (not used)
  • Warp:Cotton
  • Manufacturing:Genuine hand knotted rug
  • Format:Rectangular
  • Square meter:2.97
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size:150 cm x 198 cm